Private investigations


Extortion has a huge impact one someone’s life and sense of security. As a victim, you will often be too afraid to report this type of crime to the police. It is a serious crime that is penalized (in the Netherlands) by 9 years in prison and/or large fines, depending on the level of misconduct. There is more than enough reason not to accept extortion. You don’t need to be alone in a situation like this. We can assist.


It is often not easy for someone to ask for an investigation into a partner who they suspect of committing adultery. The truth may have serious emotional consequences. In some cases we can disprove suspicions. In others we can confront the adulterer with our findings (and offer them a chance to inform their partner themselves). In most cases, adultery is proven through by observation, but other technical means may be utilized. Your privacy is guaranteed.


Fraud is a widespread crime whereby people scheme others out of money, products or assets. Fraudsters often use ingenious tricks aimed at convincing others about their integrity and/or good intentions. In many cases, the victims find out that they were tricked when it is already too late. We invite you to contact us immediately when you sense that you are, or may become, the victim of fraud. We may be able to help you recover or mitigate the loss and/or find out who committed the fraud.


If you are repeatedly being harassed by someone, you are the victim of stalking. In many stalking cases, the origin lies in a relationship being ended. Stalkers often try to get some form of psychological advantage over their victims. Stalking can be a very serious invasion of someone’s privacy. In the early stages of stalking, the police tends to stay away from taking active measures while many victims fear revenge from the stalker if the police is informed. We can help you to collect evidence against the stalker and give you security tips before things get out of hand.

Missing persons

In 80% of the cases, missing persons are located within 24 to 48 hours. In other instances, it is hard (or even impossible) to find the missing person. There may be different reasons to find a missing person. Those reasons can range from finding a loved one to locating a person who tries to escape from financial obligations. Are you looking for someone who seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth? Come and talk to us. We may be able to help.


We can assist you with collecting evidence that supports your petition for revision of an order for partner alimony. This may be the case when your ex-partner shares his or her household with someone else.

Ministerie van Justitie en Veiligheid