Company Investigation


An ever increasing number of companies and entrepreneurs is subjected to fraud. Our investigators are specialized in the prevention of fraud and in controlling the damage fraud can do to your company, investors, and employees. They can detect and deal with all types of fraudulent activity, such as false invoices, espionage, insurance fraud, racketeering and embezzlement. Our investigations can provide evidence, identify the source of the fraud and offer support in reporting crime to judicial authorities. We also provide evidence that can be used in damages claims in civil proceedings and dismissal cases.

Theft and Embezzlement

In general, employees enjoy the trust of their employer. Unfortunately, theft by employees is a wide-spread phenomenon. It makes you lose trust, creates a an unsafe environment for co-workers and may harm your company’s image. The strength, or vulnerability, of your company in this respect depends a number of factors, such as: your company’s scale, the kind of goods that pass through your company and the activities of your company. Companies can be extra vulnerable in times of shortage of staff. It is vital that the company has a clear set of rules and policies on how it deals with fraud risk.

Proving theft is no easy task and requires evidence. You may provide this by use of technical means that record theft and other irregularities. On the other hand, this may not lead to unjustified breach of privacy. Dismissal for theft is often complicated. The grounds for dismissal must be present and evidenced. Courts tend to view things in different ways which makes it hard to predict the outcome of a dismissal case. It is therefore important to conduct a professional investigation into the cause and evidence of theft. Incognito always takes the legal aspects into account in all our investigations.

Cyber Investigation

Any use of the Internet leaves digital traces. Your hardware (desktop computers, servers, other devices) and email box play an important role in any investigation into commercial espionage, fraud, false messaging, and hacking. We offer a range of experts with in-depth expertise in digital investigation. We co-operate with law firms and insurance companies. Our reports are often used as evidence in court cases, both criminal and civil.

Tenant’s Fraud

Our services include investigation of various types of tenant’s fraud: illegal subletting, social security fraud, production of illegal drugs in leased buildings and other things. Contact us if you are the victim of any of these activities. We investigate and gather evidence against the fraudster(s).

Sick Leave Fraud

Did you know that about 15% of (paid) sick leave reported by employees is unjust? This will cost your company both time and money. Not to mention the demotivation this may cause among your staff. The (Dutch) law allows you to make your own investigation into (suspect) sick leave. We develop a plan of investigation and give you an estimate of the cost. Often the costs of investigation balance out the cost of sick leave fraud.

Localization of (legal) persons and assets

Our international reach allows us to conduct successful recovery efforts both at home and abroad for organizations, companies, families and private persons. We find hidden assets and assess identities and locations of people and companies. If you plan to file a court claim against anyone, you may want to first find out whether the defendant has the means to indeed pay the damages once they are granted by the Court. We advise about the possibilities for provisional and/or executorial attachment of assets to protect your interests in recovering your claim.

Screening of people, Back-ground checks

An increasing number of employers wishes to assess future employees. Of course this is evidently the case for roles that require a large level of integrity and confidentiality. Our back-ground checks and pre-employment screening help you to reduce the risk of hiring the wrong person, although no investigation can give you a 100% guarantee.

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